Dining Solutions

Discover how we are innovating food service and dining solutions in the workplace.

Just as no meal is truly the same, neither is every event or food program. At Five Star, we want to create workplace environments that foster employee productivity. We strive to create destinations that our clients’ employees will look forward to visiting. We’re experts in providing dining solutions. We don’t believe in “one-size-fits-all,” and we have the service and reputation to prove it. Let our teams of culinary experts show what they can do to create the ideal dining environment, menus, and programs for you.  They’re always listening, and researching and cooking, to create menus that feature the best available ingredients while maintaining the balance between good taste, good health, and yes, the bottom line.

Corporate Dining

Corporate dining isn’t the expense account lunch anymore, and it isn’t a ‘brown bag at your desk’ event either. We know your company has invested a considerable amount of space and budget to offer your employee dining program. We understand you want it to be outstanding, because there’s few things like a really great in-house dining program when it comes to boosting productivity and employee morale.

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Custom Dining Solutions

At Five Star, we design each and every corporate dining program individually because we know each and every one must understand and reflect the needs and objectives of your employees.  Our menu concepts can be offered on a daily or rotating basis.  Who wasn’t excited for ‘pizza day’ back in school? We’re always looking for new flavors and items for our menus and service so we can keep on delivering the most satisfying dining experience possible for our clients and their teams.